Your Feedback Matters: Help Us Enhance SQL Explore

Dear @CoCreators ,

We hope this post finds you well. As we continue to improve our product, we want to hear your thoughts on SQL Explore. We will soon revamp the feature. Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us make sure we’re meeting your needs as best we can.

We’d love to know what you think about the SQL Explore feature on Sprinkle, how you use it, and any suggestions or feedback you may have. We’re also interested in hearing about any challenges you’ve faced while using this feature and how we can help.

You may add your suggestions, feedback, etc. as comments :speech_balloon: :left_speech_bubble: to this post.

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is it possible to see all the columns that is getting printed now currently its limited to 100 columns
we have tables where there are more and its tedious to download as excel each time.

and if possible free panes options at explore level.

Thanks, @Sandeep for your feedback.

For the column limit, let us evaluate if that would be feasible, keeping the performance intact. For the second one, Do you mean the Freeze Pane/Column option for SQL Explore?

You may add more comments if you have other suggestions as well. Please feel free to schedule a call with us as per your availability.

yess freeze pane option only I meant sorry for the typo.

for the first one, I am happy to wait extra 2-3 seconds to see the entire table
as I assume that the view gets created based on the code and only the first 100 columns are shown.

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