What is OLAP - A Brief Overview

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  • Online Analytical Processing is a data analysis technique that enables fast and flexible querying of large & complex datasets which is vital for business intelligence and decision-making.

  • OLAP systems are designed to work with data warehouses, providing fast and flexible querying of large, irregular datasets, enabling users to perform complex calculations and aggregations to gain insights quickly from their data.

  • This is widely used in business, healthcare, and government, with common application areas including financial reporting, sales analysis, inventory management, and supply chain analysis.

  • Some popular examples of OLAP systems include Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle OLAP, and SAP BusinessObjects.

  • These systems work in a step-by-step process that involves data collection, data modeling, aggregation, querying, analysis, and reporting and visualization.

  • OLAP systems have numerous business applications, including financial analysis, sales and marketing analysis, supply chain management, and customer segmentation.

  • These systems can be used for budgeting and forecasting, profitability analysis, sales analysis, inventory management, and logistics analysis.

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