OLTP vs. OLAP - What is the Difference?

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Parameters OLTP OLAP
Purpose It is a system for processing large volumes of real-time transactional data. It is a system for the multidimensional analysis of consolidated business data.
Usage It is used for adding, deleting, or updating databases to keep the data up-to-date. It is used to make business decisions through queries and complex analyses of large amounts of data.
Focus The system is more focused on transactional data maintenance and less on data analysis. The system is focused on data analysis and not on maintaining day-to-day transactions.
Data Source OLTP sources data from traditional database management systems. OLAP has multiple data sources, which include real-time and historical databases, including OLTP.
Data Type The data consists of a large number of short transactions. The system processes large volumes of data from multiple sources.
Processing Time Very low processing time at the scale of a few milliseconds. Depending on the query, processing time is not as fast as OLTP systems and may range from a few seconds to hours.
Query Related to adding, deleting, and updating data. Related to data analysis.
Availability OLTP systems are available round-the-clock and updated frequently to maintain data integrity. OLAP systems don’t need to be updated so frequently since their functions are analytic in nature.
Normalization Data tables are normalized. Data tables are not normalized.
Backup Requires constant backup and recovery. Can be backed up less frequently.
User volume Supports large user volume simultaneously. Accommodates multiple users but doesn’t have a large user volume like OLTP.
Operations Allows both read and write operations. Usually supports read-only operations.
Process Processes day-to-day data quickly. Processes analytical queries consistently and at a fast pace.

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