MySQL vs PostgreSQL - 11 Major Differences

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Check out this article highlighting 11 Major Differences between MySQL and Postgres

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Factors MySQL Postgres
Architecture It is a relational database management system (RDMS) It is an object-relational database management system (ORDMS)
Speed It is optimized for tables having more records but simpler queries It is optimized for complex queries
Performance It is better suited for smaller applications with simple queries It is more suited for complex, high-traffic appliactions that require advance features
Triggers It only supports row-level triggers It supports row-level, statement-level and event level triggers
Security Includes authentication, encryption, and role-based access control Has more advanced authentication, access control , RLS & encryption
Indexes Most indexes are stored in B-trees and the memory table also supports hash indexes Supports B-tree, GiST, GIN, Hash, BRIN, and SP-GiST indexes
Data Types All data types are supported With basic data types, custom data types can also be created
Storage Engines Supports use of a single storage engine for all tables Supports the use of multiple storage engines
Replication Supports only asynchronous replication & also supports both statement-based and row-based replications Supports both asynchronous & synchronous replications
Full-text Search For searching it makes use of a combination of LIKE and REGEXP operators For searching it makes use of a vector space model
Parallel Query Execution Query is executed in a single thread & then the final result is compiled by the single coordinator to the user Query is executed in a single thread & the final result is submitted to a single coordinator directly

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