MySQL V/S SQL - 11 Major Differences

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Factors MySQL SQL
Definition & Purpose It is an RDBMS used to manage data. It is a language used to communicate with databases
Developers It was first built by oracle corporation in 1995 IBM created it by researchers in the 1970s.
Programming languages support It supports languages such as C, C++, java, etc. It is a programming language itself.
Connectors MySQL workbench is supported. No connectors are supported.
Community Support It has an active community. of 2 million active users. It has an active community of 4 million active users.
Syntax It is software that is built on SQL. Some new latest version updations are seen. A proper set of rules is followed to perform a specific query.
Multilingual No, only English is supported. Yes, it is available in different languages.
Platform Support It is supported by Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It is supported by Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
Pricing Open source RDBMS with flexible pricing plans Mutiple pricing plans are provided.
Storage Engine Multiple storage engines are supported. A single storage engine is supported for different operations
Backup Longer time is taken to restore data. Quick data restoration is seen.

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