MongoDB vs Redis: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Check out this article highlighting on Major Differences between MongoDB and Redis

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Feature MongoDB Redis
Data Model Document-oriented Key-value
Querying and Data Manipulation Powerful query language with support for indexing Basic querying with limited support for complex queries
Scalability and Performance Horizontally scalable with sharding and replica sets High-performance in-memory database with sub-millisecond latency
Data Persistence Durable data storage with write operations journaling and sync to disk Configurable persistence options to balance performance and durability
Caching Capabilities Can be used as a cache by leveraging its flexible data model and indexing features Built-in caching capabilities with support for advanced data structures
Use Cases Content management systems, e-commerce platforms, real-time analytics, IoT applications Session caching, real-time leaderboards, job queue management, pub/sub messaging systems
Community and Ecosystem Thriving open-source community with extensive documentation, tutorials, and drivers for various programming languages Vibrant community that actively contributes to its development and provides support
Security Robust security features with support for authentication, authorization, and encryption Limited built-in security features, but can be enhanced with additional security measures
Replication and High Availability Automatic failover and high availability with replica sets Replication through master-slave configuration
Data Integrity and Transactions Atomicity at the document level, but does not provide multi-document transactions by default Does not support transactions, but recent versions introduced the MULTI/EXEC commands
Operational Complexity More complex to set up and manage due to its flexibility and feature-rich nature Easier to set up and manage due to its simpler configuration options

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