MongoDB v/s Postgres - 11 Major Differences

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Check out this article highlighting 11 Major Differences between MongoDB and Postgress!

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Factors MongoDB Postgres
Database Model It is a NoSQL database. It is an object-relational database management system.
Data Representation It stores data in JSON-like documents. It stores data in the form of rows and columns.
Pricing It provides three pricing plans with three different editions. Flexible pricing plans are provided to users.
Community Support It has approximately 20 million downloads and 1.2 million members. It has about 4 million downloads and 600k active members.
Indexing Multiple indexes can be used on the same collection to improve and performance. It supports the indexing of individual columns in a table and uses B-tree, GIN, HASH, BIN, and SP-Gist indexes.
Scalability It supports both vertical and horizontal scaling. It supports asynchronous replication and row-level locking features.
Query Language It uses MongoDB query language (MQL) to query data. It uses SQL to query data.
Performance It is faster for read-heavy workloads It is faster for write-heavy workloads.
Security It provides role-based access to users. It has encryption and authentication features making it a preferred choice for dealing with sensitive data.
Transaction It is not ACID compliant It is ACID compliant.
Replication: It replicates a replica set using multiple servers with the same data. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous type replication.

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