MongoDB v/s MariaDB - Key Differences

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Check out this article highlighting on Major Differences between MongoDB and MariaDB

:zap: Here are the major highlights from the article:

Aspect MongoDB MariaDB
Data Model Flexible, schema-less Traditional relational with predefined schemas
Scalability Horizontal (Sharding) Replication and clustering
Querying Capabilities Rich NoSQL query language SQL (Structured Query Language)
Replication & HA Replica sets Master-slave and multi-master replication
Security Features Authentication, authorization, encryption Authentication, authorization, encryption
Community & Ecosystem Large, mature ecosystem Strong MySQL-related community support
Use Cases Unstructured/semi-structured data, real-time analytics Transactional applications, data warehousing
Data Integrity & ACID ACID guarantees at document level ACID compliance across transactions
Data Replication Replica sets Clustering (e.g., Galera Cluster)
Community Support Active community, MongoDB University MySQL-related community resources
Cost Considerations Free community edition, enterprise editions with licensing costs Free community edition, subscription-based enterprise editions

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