Discover the latest features in Sprinkle - Jan 2023

Hello Everyone :wave:

Here are a few updates on Sprinkle that we can’t wait to share with you. Have a look!

:one: Sprinkle SDK Updated :new:

Functions to read Reports, SQL Explores, Create or Edit tables, and Drop tables have been updated.

:two: Hide Sensitive parameters in API Pulls :lock:

You can now add parameters like Username, API Key, API Secret, etc. as per your requirement as sensitive parameters in your API Pulls. Once provided, users cannot see sensitive parameters, preventing unintended access.

:three: Use Clustering, partitioning, etc. with the Destination Create Table Clause :sparkle:
The destination-create table clause in Sprinkle enables you to provide additional clauses for warehouse-create table queries such as clustering, partitioning, and more. You will now be able to use these advanced warehouse clauses with Sprinkle.

Read in detail about the :ledger: Updates.

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