December Product Update

Hi People!

Here are a few updates on Sprinkle that we can’t wait to share with you. Have a look!

:one: Dashboard now includes variables :bar_chart:

We have introduced the concept of variables for dashboards. You will now be able to provide values or override values of the defined variables to get the results on Sprinkle dashboards.

:two: Postgres and SQL Server as data warehouse on Sprinkle

It’s finally here! Postgres and SQL Server can now be used as a data warehouse on Sprinkle.

:three: Add multiple datasets in a shot! :zap:

With the Add multiple datasets feature, you can select multiple datasets from a source database for ingestion at once!

:four: Tile Level Filters on Dashboards

We have introduced an advanced option in Filter Mappings, using which you can create Tile Level Filters on dashboards. It lets you have granular control over Reports (tiles) that listen to the filters and update when the dashboard is run.

Read in detail about the :ledger: Updates.

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