A Gentle Introduction to ETL Process

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ETL (Extract Transform Load) process:

  • ETL is a popular batch processing pattern used in data engineering to collect and store data
  • It consists of three stages: extract, transform, and load
  • In the extract stage, data is retrieved from its original sources such as databases, websites, APIs, and more
  • The staging area is a temporary location where the collected data is stored
  • In the transform stage, the data is cleaned, formatted, and transformed to make it uniform and easier to handle
  • The load stage involves moving the transformed data to its final destination, such as a Data Warehouse or repository
  • A logging system is important to keep track of the progress of each stage and any potential errors
  • ETL has become popular due to the availability of Cloud Storage and Database as Services (DBaaS) for high scalability and fault tolerance
  • Advanced ETL/ELT processes use tools like Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Apache Airflow for better performance and efficiency.

:point_right: Here’s the link to the full article: A gentle introduction to an ETL process | by Horacio Soldman | Dev Genius

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