A Complete Guide To Data Warehousing

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  1. Data warehousing is a process for collecting and managing data from diverse sources to provide meaningful insights into the business, and it is typically used to connect and analyze heterogeneous sources of business data.

  2. A data warehouse is an organizational framework of an information system that provides consumers with knowledge regarding current and historical decision help that is difficult to access or present in the conventional operating data store.

  3. The characteristics of data warehousing include being subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, and non-volatile.

  4. The essential reasons to purchase data warehousing are to gain detailed industry analyses, assess manufacturing processes, consider the motivating and limiting factors, read about business approaches, and consider the future outlook and opportunities for data warehousing.

  5. Data warehousing works by combining integrated data from multiple heterogeneous sources to provide further visibility into a company’s performance, and it involves several steps, including data extraction, cleaning, transformation, and processing.

  6. Data mining is an important aspect of data warehousing, as it allows businesses to store data for use in exploration and data mining, seeking information patterns that will help them improve their business processes.

  7. A sound data warehousing system can allow access to the data of each other for different departments within an organization, enabling the company to quickly review the data from different teams and make informed decisions.

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